A Living Space – A Blank Canvas

One of the benefits of working with a good network of REALTORS and professionals is that you get to rely upon the expertise and gifts of others in the industry. If, as a real estate agent, you have access to a staging team, it’s not going to fall on your shoulders to make the house […]

Networking – The Art of Making Other People More Successful

The real estate business is all about strategy and expertise. It’s all about numbers and negotiation. It’s all about building trust and keeping it, getting out front, working unconventional hours, and being a people person. When it comes to success in the real estate business, we’ve all seen the faces on billboards. We’ve all been […]

A Lasting Real Estate Career

Are you a career real estate agent? Did you plan it that way or did you stumble into and found that it worked for you? Do you see yourself making it work for the next few years? The next 40 years?  For many, real estate feels like a constant breakneck pace. While others are making […]

The Economy and Why We’re Excited for the Future of Real Estate

When the housing market is booming, we generally see new real estate agents jump into the market. The work seems rewarding; the career seems promising. When the economy shifts or when the market equalizes, we see the opposite.  At Rize Realty, we have been doing work in the real estate industry long enough to know […]

A bigger question than “Who is our customer?”

Long Term Relationships and Customer-Oriented Thinking in Real Estate  In the real estate business, the word “customer” means one of two things: A buyer or a seller. The question, “Who is our customer” is a discussion point for realtors trying to figure out exactly who they want to work with and how they plan to […]

The Role of Planning in Real Estate

Our economy, our industry, and even our lives are always changing. The same is true in real estate. That’s not a reason to panic. It’s a reason to plan. Don’t get thrown off by inconsistency, whether from customer to customer or from economic season to economic season. If you spend time talking to realtors who […]

Navigating Change

The only thing that’s consistent is inconsistency. Just like no two houses are the same, so it is with closings. What comes easy with one nearly derails the next. It’s just the way this business goes. But what you’ll learn from agents who have been doing real estate for a while is that these ups […]

The Importance of Your First Clients

Pour everything you have into your first clients. It will be the last time you have this much time.  If you’re just starting out in real estate, here’s something you should do that we wish we’d have done: Give everything you have to your first clients, because you’ll never have more time and attention to […]