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We focus on delivering truly passive returns to our agents that are designed to increase their net worth and help them establish financial and lifestyle freedom. We do this by sharing and syndicating exclusive real estate investment opportunities, pooling together money to unlock greater returns than we could establish on our own.

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By Strategic buying & investing in:

Underperforming or value-add properties

we find properties that are under-managed, under-rented, slightly dated and/or impaired, or a combination of all three… we bring our team in to improve the performance in a short period of time, increasing the value of the property dramatically

Tenant Partnerships

we find stable, cash flowing businesses that are ready to expand and we partner with them by purchasing real estate in exchange for a long-term lease that puts both parties in a great position to prosper.

New construction / development

we partner with developers/builders focused on developing apartment buildings and some commercial buildings across the midwest and beyond.

“This is one of the most innovative and exciting investment groups on the market. Everyone says they are ‘investor first’ but Rize Freedom Fund truly is.”
Nathan J.
Minneapolis, MN

Managing Partners

Chris Bjorling

"I am a licensed CPA & CIA (both inactive) and a licensed REALTOR (active) who has been buying and selling Real Estate in the Twin Cities market for the past 10 years. Specializing in both residential and commercial real estate, I own and operate a growing restaurant and retail portfolio.

In 2019, I received the distinct honor from Twin Cities Business Journal to be named as one of the 'Top 100 People to Know' based on the impact made in the marketplace and community. I am also the founder and Managing Partner for a local Real Estate investment group, Rize Freedom Fund. I love working with clients to identify the best opportunities and fit for all of their real estate needs."

Josh Schrock

"I’m a passionate, people-oriented visionary that loves helping others have a lasting impact. I love making ordinary products and ideas extraordinary, connecting people with opportunities, getting others excited about a big vision, and helping our business be radically for our clients.

I believe real estate has the ability to alter the financial trajectory of generations, empower lifestyle and financial freedom, and provide a foundational element of your well-being. Rize Freedom Fund is focused leveraging our business and offerings to allow all of us to further down the path of personal and financial freedom."

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