We understand how important real estate is to your life and future.

We're here to help.

Rize Realty was founded to help change the professional and personal lives of our agents and clients.

Through the years spent working in the industry and other local startups and businesses our founders learned the impact that real estate can have on individuals lives.

Real estate has the ability to alter the financial trajectory of generations, empower lifestyle and financial freedom, and provide a foundational element of your well-being. Our focus in business and everything we’re creating is about a launching point towards future freedom rather than a transactional experience.

We partner with you to increase your impact by finding, creating, and guiding you towards great real estate sales.

Core Values


Seeks the good of others, quick to share credit, praises others freely, and gives unconditionally.


Intrinsically motivated, diligent, and a strong desire to do more by going above and beyond, never settling for status quo.


Highly skilled masters of their craft that exercise great judgment, intuition, and emotional intelligence.


We enthusiastically celebrate others’ wins and accomplishments.

We're with you

Create margin for your life

Increase your net worth

Get the full service suite

Real estate has the power to bring lifestyle and financial freedom. When you have more margin in your life, there are more opportunities for growth, enjoyment, and responsible stewardship of your resources.

We understand how important real estate is to your life and future. Net worth can change the financial trajectories for generations resulting in long-term financial stability. When you partner with us, you work with real estate agents who understand the full picture of finances.

Rize Realty has curated a suite of services designed to help you win. Work with the best team in the industry, partner with key vendors, and maximize your investment through resources you can’t find anywhere else.

We're hiring (great) agents!

Create financial freedom. Accelerate your impact.

We’re building a new kind of brokerage for our agents…one centered around helping you thrive. Not just as a professional, but as a person.