A Living Space – A Blank Canvas

One of the benefits of working with a good network of REALTORS and professionals is that you get to rely upon the expertise and gifts of others in the industry. If, as a real estate agent, you have access to a staging team, it’s not going to fall on your shoulders to make the house look like Magnolia Farms consulted on the feng shui. 

A Blank Canvas for the Buyer

The goal with staging and arranging the space for a house is, as we all know, to make the house feel like it could be made into a home for the right buyer. That doesn’t mean that every house should be staged the same. A good real estate agent will stage the home around the type of buyer would potentially be interested in it. A realty professional skilled at staging will capitalize on the strongest assets of the home—like a fully-customized garage or a studio—so that buyers see the potential of what it could be without limiting them to see only what it once was. 

An Easier Process for the Seller

Sometimes, sellers have a difficult time staging their homes the way we want them to. They think it’s overkill or unnecessary. They grieve the loss of their home, as their last few weeks or months in it will feel more like a magazine ad than the home they’ve created memories in. But the idea of making the home a place for the new buyers to dream about what’s possible is an altogether different conversation. Sellers become more engaged in the “to-do’s” before listing when they know that it’s a chance to build the connection between the home’s potential and the buyer’s vision. 

Partnership in real estate is essential. In all of the changes in the economy and housing market, as interest rates fluctuate and a new generation of home buyers emerges, it’s more important than ever that real estate agents have access to the right people to help them succeed. Rarely do you see this more poignantly demonstrated than with staging a home that’s being put on the market.