A bigger question than “Who is our customer?”

Long Term Relationships and Customer-Oriented Thinking in Real Estate 

In the real estate business, the word “customer” means one of two things: A buyer or a seller. The question, “Who is our customer” is a discussion point for realtors trying to figure out exactly who they want to work with and how they plan to reach them. 

But there is a bigger question than “Who is my customer?” 

At Rize Realty, we’re committed to building partnerships that last. We want to be part of a person’s buying, selling, and investing life for multiple years and throughout many transactions and seasons of life. We want to work with generations of families and give them a healthy understanding and knowledge of real estate and the opportunities they have. That’s why real estate agents need to also ask, “Who should I be to my customer?” 

Be What You Know They Need

People choose a realtor for any number of reasons, but most consistently, it comes down to a referral. It comes down to the trust that an agent has built with one customer overflowing into opportunities with other buyers and sellers. And that trust is always going to be cultivated by the real estate agent’s ability to answer questions before they’re asked. It’s cultivated when problems are solved before they arise and when customers never feel the stress that the agent feels. 

Look Out for What’s to Come

When you’re helping connect buyers with properties, you know that you’re thinking about more than price. It comes down to the many other things they’ve told you is on their lists of “musts” and “if only’s.” 

At Rize, we know that it’s essential that agents realize that they’re just not helping the person whose name will be listed on the loan. They’re not just advocating for a borrower or a co-signer. Agents are doing their jobs most effectively when they’re thinking about where the dog will play, where kids will build forts or how a space is conducive to the second business that’s being created. A good agent will see that they’re not just meeting the needs of their customers. They’re looking ahead and identifying the needs for the days, weeks, and years to come. They’re looking to connect their customers with a vision for something bigger than today.


When we know who we are to our customers, and who they need us to be for them, it frees us to envision ourselves not as service providers but as partners in life. It frees us to view them not as buyers or sellers but as people depending on us to help them make their dreams a reality. We’re helping them make good choices, dream bigger, and connect with a bigger picture of their future. It’s what our customers need from us that makes our job so important. 

At Rize, we’re inviting real estate agents who are ready to upgrade their real estate career with a better partnership and bigger opportunities.