The Economy and Why We’re Excited for the Future of Real Estate

When the housing market is booming, we generally see new real estate agents jump into the market. The work seems rewarding; the career seems promising. When the economy shifts or when the market equalizes, we see the opposite. 

At Rize Realty, we have been doing work in the real estate industry long enough to know that economic seasons are inevitable. We’ve seen low interest rates and rapidly increasing prices and we’ve seen high rates and more reasonable or realistic prices. But your perspective on the work you do and how the economy impacts your job is probably influenced by a few different factors.

Your Perspective on Your Career in Real Estate

A promising career in real estate isn’t a guarantee to every agent, but it becomes a more realistic possibility when you’re perspective is bigger. If you entered real estate when the economy was booming and houses were receiving multiple offers in the first few hours, you may feel disoriented by the vulnerabilities you’re now observing. Or perhaps your career has been defined by a “feast or famine” experience. These factors will impact your level of satisfaction and expectation for your career. 

The reality is this: There’s more than the economy when it comes to your success in this business. There’s more than interest rates and home prices. If you’ve never considered how your real estate career can be a part of your story and your vision for the future, now’s the time.

The Team You’re Working With

The team you’re working with in real estate will determine a lot about your longevity in the industry. Ultimately, the right partnership can determine your performance. The right partner with the right skill set can balance out your skills. The right tools can improve your presentation and bring consistency to your customers. 

This is easily summarized with the old adage, “Work smarter; not harder.” The economy may fluctuate and the real estate industry may seem unstable, but a better alignment with the right people can make weathering these seasons much less stressful and much more possible. 

Reason to Panic? 

Remember this: the economy isn’t nothing. But it also isn’t everything. 

Whether you’ve been working in real estate for a few months or an entire career, your perspective is going to determine a lot about how you navigate our current season. Economic variability has been a reality since time began. At Rize Realty, we want to invite you into a bigger conversation—and a better perspective—on the economy, on real estate, and how your career can be sustained and bolstered.