A Lasting Real Estate Career

Are you a career real estate agent? Did you plan it that way or did you stumble into and found that it worked for you? Do you see yourself making it work for the next few years? The next 40 years? 

For many, real estate feels like a constant breakneck pace. While others are making it to their kids’ baseball games and sitting on their couches for Sunday afternoon football, real estate professionals are on the move to make a deal. It’s a constant hustle to keep up and keep money coming in. Even for those who are able to slow down, they’re still always “on” when they’re out, never missing a chance to connect with a potential future opportunity. 

When we’re helping customers buy and sell homes, we try to help them envision something bigger for themselves and their lives. We don’t just want them to buy a house, we want them to connect with a vision for their future. We want them to be able to envision themselves making the place their own. 

The same is true with the real estate agents we bring onto our team. 

Real estate is a promising (and even a stable!) career opportunity for people if they’re willing to have the right perspective and expectations. Most of our partners and agents don’t do real estate because of their passion for real estate. They do it because of the opportunities it gives them to think and dream bigger. It’s a chance to invest in property. It’s a chance to start the business they’ve been dreaming of. It’s a way to get the margin they’ve been looking for. They do it because they aren’t motivated by the same things that other people are motivated by and they’re okay thinking differently about how to get where they’re going. 

Real estate can be more than the constant hustle of finding new customers or competing against other realtors for the few you’re finding. It can be more than open houses and web listings. You just need to have your eyes opened to a bigger and better definition of a career in real estate. That’s why we’re doing what we do and building what we’re building. Our agency exists to give agents more ways to do their job well and more access to ways to enrich their lives.