The Role of Planning in Real Estate

Our economy, our industry, and even our lives are always changing. The same is true in real estate. That’s not a reason to panic. It’s a reason to plan. Don’t get thrown off by inconsistency, whether from customer to customer or from economic season to economic season. If you spend time talking to realtors who […]

Navigating Change

The only thing that’s consistent is inconsistency. Just like no two houses are the same, so it is with closings. What comes easy with one nearly derails the next. It’s just the way this business goes. But what you’ll learn from agents who have been doing real estate for a while is that these ups […]

The Importance of Your First Clients

Pour everything you have into your first clients. It will be the last time you have this much time.  If you’re just starting out in real estate, here’s something you should do that we wish we’d have done: Give everything you have to your first clients, because you’ll never have more time and attention to […]